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Lots of love but a ton of fun

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Lots of love but a ton of fun

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Contact spelling a lot of or lots of Many people spell these two phrases wrong, or they're not sure how to spell them, or don't know the differences lov them. What about you? Which sentences are correct? I had a lots of fun yesterday. I had alot of fun yesterday. I had a lot of fun yesterday.

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I had alot of fun yesterday. There were lots of people at the party b. On September 16,Izora Armstead died of heart failure at age First, we'll look at 'a lot of'. News of the World.

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Pronunciation can confuse people with the spelling of it. We had a lot of fun.

The pronunciation is like "a lot of" with various unstressed forms. Did you choose a? It's "a lottuv" money. He always eats a lot of food. We had "a lottuv" fun. bt

The weather girls

They took a lotta abuse from the crowd. A lot of is three individual words. I had a lot of fun yesterday. So, in the exercise above, c. It's a lot of money.

Spelling a lot of or lots of

The Oxford Dictionary has this very informal version on its website - "He's got lotsa toj. Their follow-up album Think Big! It doesn't matter how you pronounce it, all dialects and how we say a lot of is valid, but there's only one way to spell it - a lot of. Their final single, the non-album track "Big Brown Girl", was released in Inthey released a single "Break You", which topped the Dance chart.

What about you? InThe Weather Girls released their self-titled fifth album The Weather Girls, party produced by Full Force and Reggie Lucaswhich was ultimately seen as a commercial failure by their record label. On January 22,they released their third album Success. There were alot of actors in the cast.

Unstressed - the 's' s the 'o' "lotsuv" 3. I had lots of fun yesterday.

They released a new album, Totally Wild. Shortly after the album, The Weather Girls disbanded and Wash took up a solo career and also began working as a session vocalist.

We had "a lotta" fun. In the end, the group only managed a 13th place out of The duo sang backup vocals on the album's singles "Down, Down, Down" and "Over and Over", which charted at eighteen on the Billboard Dance chart. The song LLots peaked at 75 on Germany's music chart, their second single to enter that chart since "It's Raining Men".

I've got a lot of shopping.

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What about these sentences? The album saw Armstead's contribution as a songwriter and penning several songs, including the album's third single "The Sound of Sex Ooh Gitchie O-La-La-Ay " which was written with her daughter. We never spell them a lots of, alot of x. History[ edit ] — Formation and early years[ edit ] Izora Rhodes and Martha Wash met at a young age.

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Impressed with her vocal performance, Sylvester inquired if she had another large black friend who could sing, after which buut introduced him to Izora Rhodes. We have the stressed "lots of" 2. While touring the club circuit, the album's third single "We Shall All Be Free" peaked at 80 on Germany's music chart. Or even more unstressed in some dialects like Liverpool "a lora" money. There are a lot of people. There seems to be quite a lots of new shops opening.

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There are lots of people. Sit here - there's lots of room. It's "a lotta" money. We have the stressed 'a lot of' 2. The song became their biggest hit to date, peaking at one on the Dance chart and forty-six on Billboard's Hot chart. I had a lots bkt fun yesterday.