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Firefighter looking for something wet

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Firefighter looking for something wet

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EMT: Emergency medical technician s. Engine: A fire suppression vehicle that has a water pump and, typically, carries hoses, other equipment Firefighter looking for something wet a limited supply of water. Engineer: A firefighter responsible for driving the engine to the scene of the call and operation of the pumps on an engine, to provide sufficient water to the firefighters on the hose. The term may be either a position title or a rank; usage varies among departments. Engine company: A group of firefighters ased to an apparatus with a water pump and equipped with firehose and other tools related to fire extinguishment.

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Fire-resistant: Materials deed or somethinb to have an increased fire point. However, the extremely high incidence of mesothelioma found by the study points to the risky type of Elizabeth New Jersey fl nude girls asbestos exposure firefighters face. See Skulldrag Hard line: A smaller hose about one inch in diameter used by firefighters to clean apparatus.

Recovery: Location and removal of deceased victims. Fully engulfed: Term of size-up meaning fire, heat and smoke in a structure are so widespread that internal access must wait until fire streams can be applied.

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Freelancing: dangerous situation at an incident where an individual carries out tasks alone or without being ased; violation of Personnel ability procedures. Pump operator, technician: also a chauffeur : person responsible for operating the pumps on a pumper and typically for driving the pumper to an incident. Pumper company: Squad or company that mans a fire engine pumper and carries out duties involving getting water to the fire. Because they do not chemically react with anything in the body, they cause no Keeping debris wet can minimize the amount of dust in the air.

They receive some pay for being on call and further pay for responding to emergencies. Pump escape: Appliance carrying a wheeled ladder.

For the rapid activation and response of aid to a community in the event of a local disaster. Residential sprinkler system: A sprinkler system arranged for fire suppression in a dwelling.

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Firefighter looking for something wet Lung Cancer Lung cancer is usually caused by smoking tobacco products, but each Ladies seeking nsa Morris Connecticutmany thousands of cases also trace back to asbestos exposure. Interior attack: Inserting a team of firefighters into the burning structure, in an attempt to extinguish a blaze from inside the structure, minimizing property damage from fire, smoke, and water. The term may be either a position title or a rank; usage varies among departments.

Domething looking for something wet chief motioned me into the fire garage.

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GPM method "gallons per minute" : Calculation of how much water, in GPM, will be necessary to extinguish a given volume of fire, under the circumstances e. Direct attack: "Putting the wet stuff on the red stuff. Modern replacement of the Pump Escape. Depends Firefightee upon diameter, type and length of hose, and amount of water GPM flowing through. Retained firefighter : U.

Glossary of firefighting

These microscopic mineral fibers cannot be seen, smelled or tasted. Fire tetrahedron : The fire tetrahedron is based on the components of igniting or extinguishing a fire. Fire code Fire safety code : regulations for fire prevention and safety involving flammables, explosives and Firefighter looking for something wet dangerous operations and occupancies. We learned to unfurl a fifty-foot roll of hose by underhanding it like a bowling ball. This rest somethign enables firefighters to relax, cool off or warm up and regain hydration by way of preventing injury.

LODD line of duty death The death of ror fire fighter while on-duty.

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You'll find a set of angled spikes at the base of Asian dating in Cortez ladders; they're called butt spurs. You see fire, you see. Live in: A firefighter who typically lives in the fire house or station Loaded stream: A nonfreezing solution of an alkali metal salt usually potassium acetate, citrate, lactate, or a carbonate with water. Firestorm: A conflagration of great enough proportions to noticeably create its own wind conditions.

An "exterior reset" or "quick hit" can be used by introducing a pencil stream through the center of an open window or door, directed at the ceiling, and using a short water application. Saint Florian is the patron saint of firefighters.

Under worker safety and health regulations, employers have a general duty to provide a workplace free of hazards. The neutral plane can be seen quite clearly when thermal balance exists in the fire compartment. Positive pressure: Pressure at higher than atmospheric; used in Frefighter facepieces and in pressurized stairwells to reduce entry of smoke or fumes through small openings.

A federally mandated program for the standardizing of command terminology and procedures. Flash point : Lowest temperature at which a material will emit vapor combustible in air mixture. Self-aggrandizing claptrap. Layout: Establishing water supply.