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Anyone want to watch scubs

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Anyone want to watch scubs

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Zach Braff functions as the main character of Scrubs, there are occasionally episodes which center around the other characters in the show, whether they are secondary, tertiary, etc. Cox John C.

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Scrubs: a sitcom that's actually aged well?

Joey and Teachers? The episode, which takes a tremendously sad turn at its climax, is a truly heartbreaking experience that features top-notch acting from series regulars Zach Braff and John C. You can staytuned nymag. Because South Park is way up there, too.

These shows would have flopped anyway. Bob Kelso. What are some other great insult-humor shows? This season marked a major change in the series; it takes place at a different location [1] and only watcn of the seven main characters from the first eight seasons remained as regular main characters.

I love Scrubs! YOU CAN post photos you've taken with the crew, but please post a comment giving a little back story, what was the person like, how'd you meet them, etc. This focused on a gaggle of fresh-faced medical students about whom it was hard to care, especially when one of them was Anyonr Franco. Physician Dr Cox has wnat all emotion replaced by searing, apathetic wit.

That smallness is actually intimacy, which is essential. Submit a question! What else is in there to ease paying for another service?


In the double-episode finale, JD completes his final shift at Sacred Heart while hallucinating as many ex-girlfriend, former patient and ex-work colleague bit-part characters from seasons gone by that the programme-makers could track down and crowbar in. If you like Mindy, you might like Difficult People, which is darker and more disdainful than TMP but shares some of its pop inclinations. These questions have been asked a ton of times.

That taints its legacy, making it seem like an also-ran, even though it was terrific.

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After a while, you get used to it. Inner monologues will never be the same again.

Which is probably why most hospital TV shows are largely guffaw-free. It seems like everyone has collectively decided to forget that it was a great show. Acula you devilish fiend. Zach Braff functions as the main character of Scrubs, there are occasionally episodes which center around the other characters in the show, whether they are secondary, tertiary, etc.

It wannt after Father of the Pride in ; that was that computer-animated Sigfried and Roy show, if you remember.

Scrubs ran on NBC for seven seasons between andwith the gang qualifying as proper doctors in series four, and finished on a terrible episode in which hospital life was reimagined as a medieval fairytale. McGinleyis one of the best things about Scrubs. Duplicate posts are allowed, but if it's sfubs a month it can be removed on mod discretion. They will be removed. Are you interested in what everyone wat of Season 9 or why the music is different on Netflix?

All caps not allowed. Is Anyone want to watch scubs too obvious to say South Park? The Hotwives of Las Vegas might also appeal to you. Need help?

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We want them to be rich, but also very humble and discreet about it. Part of it is timing: Scrubs debuted inwhich was not a great year for comedy debuts: Do you watchh Off Centre? Not by accidentally slipping on a mislaid colostomy bag and yanking out the power to a life-support machine, but by way of the cartoon characters, each with idiosyncrasies jammed to the max.

Scrubs was exhumed from its grave for a ninth season and semi-rebooted as Scrubs: Med School. Posting social media updates from the cast that do not relate to the show will be removed.

The 10 greatest episodes of scrubs

Last week I started rewatching Scrubs. The hospital janitor is bonkers. DO use your own discretion with spoilers, especially with titles. America did that all by itself. Raising Dad?

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Going further back, Rescue Me had billions of insults, as did House. End scene.

So Scrubs was already swimming in an awkward school of fish. A search by TVLine confirms that all three episodes are currently not available to stream on Hulu.

Featuring some of the best acting in the series, courtesy of John C. When Nurse Carla focuses on making sure the wishes of the comatose individual are met, she runs head-on into the immovable object that is Bob Kelso, and it makes for one heck of scibs collision. There are other shows, too, particularly foreign-language soaps, but those are the first ten I thought of. It also aired as a lead-in for Committed, which barely lasted 13 episodes.

So, here lies Scrubs.

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Cox accidentally causes the death of three satch their donated organs are contaminated with rabies, and the episode was based on a real medical case where this occurred. Asking for upvotes is not allowed. I knew it was a show I loved, but rewatching it is just reminding me how great it really is.