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Thailand – Bali Decor

Thai-Bali Decor is a manufacturer,importer and exporter good quality teak furniture with contemporary style.The company operates more than 10 years experience as well as energy casino, we strive for one goal, to show the real quality in all directions, in teak furniture too.The company brings natural materials such as cinnamon stick,stone,bamboo and coconut shell design combined with quality teak wood.Teak furniture is beautiful,strong,durable to use and easy to care. It can live with every climate, so it can be exported around the world. It can be decorated home has many styles such as Thai,Thai-Bali,contemporary and modern home. Customer who like teak furniture my company can be responded. Welcome,thank you.

Highlights of teak furniture

  1. Customers can design requirements.
  2. Make to order. It takes about  45-60 days
  3. Customers can choose natural materials combined with good quality teak wood and choose color such as natural,light brown,dark brown and oak.
  4. Teak furniture all through the drying process before the finishing and painting. Every piece of wood drying as well, so it is strong and durable to use.
  5. The company has after sales service to repair furniture by professional carpenter.




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